Saturday, June 21, 2014

Training your husband

Many people outside the community look at training as slave training. This is a very unfortunate mistake. Your submissive husband is not only willing, but it is usually his need that starts the DS relationship. Training is really about refocusing his sexual desires from his own pleasure to yours. It is not to make him less, but instead more. The goal of training is to guide his inner desire from his own pleasure to yours.

The Gentle Seductress method of training requires that he make an act of complete submission to you. I take this vow very seriously and it involves a ceremony with him at my feet. However, it is extreemly important that he is willing, even eager, to make this pledge and that he knows it is serious. After the cerimony, I begin the real training, gently molding him to my designs. I do not take him in on a whim, but prepare him until he is completely ready.

This is how I learned to train a man to get him ready for the commitment. This is just an example, obviously, it will be different for every man:

Surprisingly enough, I start by sitting him down, kneel between him legs and give him a blowjob. I love the irony of starting him off his journey to submission on the most dominant position a man can ever be in. It is important to be able to take him completly into my mouth. I get him very aroused and he instinctively puts his hand on my head. I remove his hand and tell him that I don't need his help to get his little peepee into my mouth. My goal is to get him to ask me if his penis is large enough. When he does, I stand up between his legs and put my hand on his chin lifting up to meet my eyes. I tell him that his size is not important, all I care about is if he really desires to please me. Running my thumb over his lips, I ask "you do want to please me, right?".

The next several times we make love, I will make comments about how much potential he has or how much I could train him.When he asks about training, I let him know that it would be for keeps and he is not ready. Soon he is begging me to take him in and is almost ready.

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  1. I like your style and your approach. I need some help to get started. I know he is submissive, but he is still shy about it and don’t want to experiment with it, but I would love to introduce it to him in a stealthy way if possible, just so that he will understand what it is all about. Do you have any advices on that?

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  3. I love this technique! Thank you. :>)

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