Saturday, June 21, 2014

The evolution of man

From time to time I am asked whether a woman can be truly happy with a submissive husband. I think this is a misguided question since it presumes that a submissive man is somehow inferior. I think if you really learn to appreciate the submissive male, you we see he is really a more evolved and superior male.

Man goes through many changes in his lifetime. As a young boy, he tries to conquer his environment. Once he conquers one thing, he moves onto the next challenge, competing with each other. At puberty, his body if flooded with hormones, he discovers that his penis can give him great pleasure and his world is changed forever. For most men, the initial intensity of these hormones is overwhelming. This is why almost all young men masturbate, they simply cannot stop. At this time, his world revolves around his penis.

There are a few ways that men generally deal with this. For many men the desire fades with age and they go back to competing with one another. Of those that the desire remains strong, some loose the battle and end up overcome by the waves, masturbating all their lives of cheating with every woman they can find.

For some men however, the waves remain strong but they do not drown. Instead, they master the waves and learn to surf. they learn to focus the desire not on their own pleasure but on their partners. Of course, they need your help in aiming that focus and this often manifests itself in submissive behavior. The submissive has the bull by the horns and his need for "training" is his instinctive need to have you direct the energy. This is why the dominant/submissive relationship is so much more powerful.

So, the next time you have a man kneeling at your feet and willing to submit to you, remember you have a diamond in the rough. Take control and train him to bring that awesome energy to bear. You will both be much happier.


  1. Miss Jenna, I particularly like this post, as someone new to the FLR lifestyle. I have worried that my wife might find my willingness to submit to her boring after a while and seek a more "traditional" alpha male. She does not think this will happen but it seems a risk. I hope she is right.

    But what I think you bring up is that submissiveness is not necessarily weakness, it is a choice both make for the betterment of the relationship. And both can make a decision at some point that another arrangement is necessary. I don't think this will happen as I think my SO respects me as I think you respect your husband. There seems to be a lot of Hollywood is some discussions of FLR and I think you write from the heart and from a realistic perspective. Thank you for the wisdom you offer.

  2. Dear Miss Jenna, I hope you will consider reviewing my book: "Real Women Don't Do Housework"

  3. Awesome. Great work!

  4. A woman is more evolved than men. Female Led Relationship is a natural relationship. I wish there were more women in FLR, especially at a young age. I started FLR until the age of 38.

  5. I agree. Under the right guidance, men can significantly evolve to be good mates. That is the goal of a FLR

  6. Dear Ms Jenna your post is really wonderful
    I think FLR should be a natural way of life as that is the only fact and all men must compulsorily Love, Serve, Respect and above OBEY his WIFE/MISTRESS in all things. he should surrender to HER totally in mind, body heart and soul. Only then will the lowly man find true happiness.

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  8. hi Miss Jenna thanks for your post. i'm sorry for not replying earlier as i did not have access to my mail due to unavoidable circumstances. however i like your post very much. please do keep me posted on the subject of Female Led Relationships as i'm very much interested in it. thanks.

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